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VBE Technology Group is a leading provider of RF Solutions. The company is headquartered in UK, and has R&D and Manufacturing Bases in Shenzhen, China.

Based on our abundant experience in RF field, we are concentrating on following RF product series and Solutions:

VBE Jammer

VBE Jammer team are focused on the R&D, manufacturing of VIP Convoy Bomb Jammers (RCIED Jammers), Mobile Signal Jammers, Prison Jammers, Portable Jammers, Handheld Jammers, etc.

Our Jammer are largely used all over the world by government agencies, police stations, military bases, SWAT teams, prisons, schools, banks, etc, applied for military convoy, VIP protection, EOD operations, electronic countermeasures, riot controls, secret keepings, and, etc.

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VBE RF Module

VBE RF Module team provide our customers with various RF Signal Module Solutions including RF Signal Sources, RF Power Amplifiers (PA), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), RF Outdoor Units (ODU) and customized RF Module Solutions. The frequency bands cover P-Band, L-Band, S-Band to Ku-Band, Ka-Band.

We serve customers worldwide for industries of Wireless Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Electronic Countermeasures, Electronics Manufacturers, to give them integrated and cost-effective RF Kernel Modules solutions.

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VBE RF Repeater

VBE Repeater Team are focused on the R&D and manufacturing of RF Repeaters, Fiber Optic Repeaters, Frequency Shifting Repeaters, Digital ICS Repeaters, DPD MCPA, Tower Mounted Booster (TMB), Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA), Pico Repeaters, Consumer Mobile Signal Boosters and related Software and Accessories.

Our Repeaters have been sold to more than 50 countries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Middle East for the Telecom Operators and Consumers.

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For being able to provide our customers with more advanced and reliable solutions, we still explore into new areas for new challenges.

Our Vision is to become the total RF solutions provider.

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