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China has entered the era of 4G

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China has entered the era of 4G

Technology aside, applications could be the core innovation that 4G brings to our life. An application that caters to demand is the root of technology popularity. Those who can develop new popular products, who will be able to seize market opportunities

In reality, the time that people looking at the mobile phones is far more than the time they phoning. "Phubbers" are everywhere. Obviously, today's cell phone is rather a display, which can be used to browse web pages, read novels, search information and watch videos.

A survey result also proved the trend: the Asian consumers' desire for the social network links and demand for "anytime, anywhere" entertainment are driving the most conspicuous industrial convergence over the past 20 years. Watching videos on mobile devices is exactly the choice made by this part of consumer group.

China has entered the era of 4G. The fourth generation mobile communication technology characterized mainly by high bandwidth, high quality and high speed has overthrow the technology concept for Internet and satisfied people's need for "looking at" the mobile phone. Theoretically, with 4G, all Internet applications operated on the computer can be used on a mobile phone. This is the advantage of the mobile Internet. However, when the high-speed network is packed into the pocket, people are confused: what can I watch with the phone? If the contents are still those on Internet, such as those films and videos, those news and information, should I need to use 4G?

As a matter of fact, apart from the technology, the more important innovation of 4G is application. Application that guides the demand is the root of technology popularity. In this sense, 4G is not only a feast for the communications industry, but also a huge business opportunity for the content provider. Software experts generally believe that the best advantage of 4G is "fast"; many applications previously impossible will become possible. Cloud applications can popularize, images and video applications are more convenient. Furthermore, you can load some wearable applications even. For example, most of current camera can only transfer the video with poor quality, if the bandwidth increases, video quality can be greatly improved. More simply, the Internet allows you working at home, the 4G will allow you working at anytime and anywhere.

Wang Tao, president of Huawei mobile wireless network department, said that the biggest difference between 4G and 3G is the video application. 4G network provides users with higher quality and lower cost video applications to minimize the end-to-end delay, which makes it possible to carry more higher-end applications. All the telecommunication equipment giants are exploring the new business of 4G application with operators around the world. The advertising business developed for radio and television based on the 4G network has received good results. In addition to the individual applications, the cluster applications have more broad prospects. The cluster applications developed on the 4G network such as public security, fire control, traffic management and emergency call will be available with one-key calls rather than login onto the complex special network. Users can use them easily only after downloading an application. At the same time, the enterprise network applications of small and medium-sized enterprises, individual position information service, and the operation mode of marketplace, all can be changed by means of 4G.

In addition, the emergence of 4G provides further significance. The current development of the traditional media is facing strong impact from the Internet, thus the mobile Internet in the new era is bearing the new responsibility of media with a more broad space for communication, and even replacing the role of traditional media to some extent. Whether video, news, books or advertising, music and games, what people can get on the phone and what the 4G network can do will depend on the cultural products that our product creators can provide. Therefore, 4G is also the new opportunity of cultural industry. In the era of 4G, who can develop new popular products, who will be able to grab market opportunities. (By Xu Han, from China Economic Net)

VBE will catch this opportunity to develop more and more innovative products related with 4G, to create sustainable benefit for our customers.  

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