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Car Remote Control Jammer: 1 second car lock out of control

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Car Remote Control Jammer: 1 second car lock out of control


Qilu Network, June 28 - Now the car is more and more, after you stopping, press the remote control, the car will be automatically locked, and very convenient, but you should also pay attention, when you were locking the car, maybe someone were looking at your car.

Mr. Liu is the leader of Loss Prevention Department of a supermarket in Qingdao, the day before yesterday afternoon in the parking lot, a man has been hovering over 20 minutes let him feel suspicious. Then he found a white car stopped, the man immediately came up. Two ladies in the white car got down, a woman about to lock car by remote, car tail lights lit. What’s the man doing next to the car? From the monitor, we see the man's hands took something like cell phone. Ms. pressed the remote control and then left, and the man far went followed by two Ms for some distance. Later, however, another man was back to the lot.


The man readily opened the door, entered the car after one minute later, he got out shut the door, then opened the trunk of the car. The whole process is just like operating his own car. But the security personnel waiting at the side catched the two suspects, Control up and got the owners by broadcast of the supermarket.


Mr Liu told the deputy, the two suspects is using aJammerof a car remote control to make the car remote control fail to lock the car door. Remind owners to pull the door after press the remote control to see if the door is really locked, as a preventive measure.

(Source: Qilu network)

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