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Single Band Medium Power Jammer VBE-50P

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Single Band Medium Power Signal Jammer VBE-50P

The VBE-50P is a Single Band Medium Power Signal Jammer, with one output port to jam special RF frequency, uses state-of-art technology for maximum performance and reliability


Frequency bands and output power selectable

Output power adjustable

Easy operation and installation

One Output Band, proper for special use


Special use to jam one band RF Frequency, proper for Prison, police, military or government buildings, and other sensitive locations

Technical Specifications:

Working frequency: 20MHz to 6000MHz ranges selectable

RF output power:  15 to 50W selectable

Internal Modulation: Analog or Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS)

Effective jamming range: 10-100mdepending on the the environment signal strength;

Jamming target: toy remote control, car remote control, pager, walkie talkie, CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS,3G, WIFI, etc

Power supply: 220VAC/110VAC

Continuous working hours: Long time

Antennas type: 1pcs high gain direction panel antenna or omni antenna

Dimension: 225×184×160mm

Net Weight: 6kgs;

Operating Temp: -20ºC - +50ºC

Humidity: 5% - 95%

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