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     In recent years, It is rapid development that civilian drone,Quietly rising in civilian areas,many industries are turning drone as a assistant to promoted the improvement ofproductivity, Aerial photography, geographic mapping, forest fire prevention, agricultural pest control, water detection, area control, advertising etc. Not only that, It is a prediction from experts that the rapid development ofcivilian drones will influx of people's daily lives, such as express delivery, meal, entertainment ...... and many things unexpected, maybe play a leading role by the drones in the future, different regions will face a low-altitude areas to security pressures and management challenges.

     VBE Outdoor type low-flying aircraft defense system is specialized interference and Suppression the common drones, and shoots down t he harmful drones, Through RF frequency and GPS signal to interference drones, Realization dual control remote control signal and navi gation signal, make them cannot enter the defense area, outside the defense area emergency landing. Characteristic: High power output, large disturbance radius, brings their-own vehicle suspension chassis, perfect suspension. 

Thorough Self-protection:

When equipment overheating, output power, standing wave of fault alarm, shielding device will automatically shut down the failed module, to avoid damage of blockers. Modular construction,ease of replacement and maintenance. 6 Pcs RF model 。Max 600w output power. The intelligent cooling system. Design of the system can meet the demands of military. Selectable frequency range and output power. Each channel‘s frequency and power have signal switch . According to actual environment select local or cable control operation mode. Selectable Ac ordc power supply. The protection of the power amplifier design, ensure the working reliability of the device.



Important leaders and VIPs escort. 

Special or important materials under escort.

Prevent detection of satellite positioning.

Emergency anti low-altitude aircraft.

Frequency              Output power              Blocking target

GPS/Beidou               50-100W                  GPS positioning system 

433                          50-100W                  433M Figure the flight control 

GLONASS                  50-100W                  GLONASS positioning system  

900                          50-100W                  900M Figure the flight control 

2.4                           50-100W                  2.4G Flight control  

5.8                           50-100W                  5.8G Figure the flight control and navigation system

Behavior of electricity 

Output power                    600W 

Power supply mode             DC-48V or AC110-240V 

Jamming frequency              Drone flight control frequency and GPS frequency 

Power consumption             1800W

Physical properties 

Dimension (L×H×W) 540×490×450mm 

Humidity 5%-95% 

Operating temperature: -20℃ to +50℃ 

Weight 30Kg

Package standard 

Main box                     Carton box

Antennas                    Beautify the car roof luggage with cable 

Generator                   5 KW car alternator(available)

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