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50 Meters Jamming Range Handhold Smart Signal Jammer

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 50 meters jamming range handhold smart signal jammer 

product description

 VBE-HH1.0 been  Combined with advanced technology at home and abroad by our company, aimed at continuously developing communication system, It is high-tech products that been Careful researches according to the technology at home and abroad. Field strength is -80dBm, Shielding all 2G/3G/4G mobile phone signal within range 50M,will not cause interference to the base station.


  Portable design, portable easy to hide;
  Combined with advanced technology at abroad,have farther jamming range than old devices;  Multi-band frequency ,blocking all kinds of mobile phone system;
 Simplicity of operator,key switch;
 Imported components, soft-start circuit design can avoid mechanical ignition switch generated phenomenon,      stable and high integration;
Build-in battery,full power working 2 hours;
All kinds of circuit protection design, ensure the work reliability of the devic

Abuse of tradition jammer
1.high power supply Serious radiation
Low accuracy,effect nearby Resident's wireless communication and easy to result  jamming blind spot.
It will  lose efficacy when Communication system had been changed or updated.
4.Without self-adaptive ability, It will be useless when the network update.

performance comparison

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