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Bomb Jammer Introduction

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Bomb Jammer Introduction

What is a Bomb Jammer? How does a Bomb Jammer Work? Can a Bomb Jammer jam all IED threats?  Who uses an Bomb Jammer?


The Bomb Jammers are designed to saturate an area with electromagnetic energy in order to neutralize an IED that is activated by remote control on command. Our Bomb Jammers work by preventing radio signals from reaching the radio trigger used to detonate that IED. Other kinds of Jammers cannot be jammed by this Bomb Jammer.


Because the Bomb Jammer can broadcast RF Jamming interference on multiple frequencies simultaneously, all known threats can be addressed. The Bomb Jammer in its trunk mounted form as well as the roof mounted version were not designed to detonate IED weapons. The sole purpose of an Bomb Jammer is to jam only. RCIED or Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device weapons are on-command bombs that require a trigger by radio control, and as such, are almost always designed to detonate with some basic radio frequency coding.


Users of our Bomb Jammers, RF Jammers, and Mobile Signal Jammers range from mine clearance teams, military forces, border patrol, bomb detection teams, VIP Convoy forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, EOD technicians, Government Contractors, and Government Agencies, Schools, Prisons, etc .


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